About Us

Chandrakranti Farms:

    We are Chandrakranti Farms, having more than two decades of experience in production and supply of quality fruits and dry fruits. At Chandrakranti Farms we grow chemical residue free fruits like Grapes, Pomegranates, Banana and dry fruit like Raisins. 

    We grow all these fruits in our own farm with good agriculture practices like integrated pest and nutrient management, advanced irrigation techniques under the guidance and observation of qualified agriculture professionals.

    Our practices help us to produce a quality products which defines our brand Mahafruit for fresh fruits and dry fruit in retail and wholesale market. Our premium quality raisins/kishmish are produced from the fresh and delicious grapes varieties like Thompson Seedless, Clone-2, Sharad Seedless, ARI-516, Sonaka and Super Sonaka. 

     Our raisins processing is equipped with advanced machinery which reduces the raisin processing time and gives us finished product with premium quality. 

Why to Choose Chandrakranti Farms:

We do follow standardized processes bundled with advanced machinery support which help us to reduce the half of raisin processing time as compared to normal processing practices. Our processes include:

1. The traditional air-drying of grapes under sheds.
2. Cleaning with cap stemmer and size grading.
3. Color sorting with advanced laser sorter.
4. Washing and drying under normal sunlight.
5. Packaging and labeling of finished product.